Crazy Cool Technology Trends

Technology Panel

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Panel Discussion Featuring: Stephen Mason, Joyce Durst, Branndon Stewart & Tom Markusic

Stephen Mason – Intellectual Property Attorney, and Larry Warnock – Software Executive, will lead a panel discussion on some exciting technology developments and trends that will impact Texas businesses and the State’s economy. The two hosts will have three guests from across a range of tech fields. Some crazy cool stuff will be presented.

Joyce Durst – Founder of Growth Acceleration Partners will discuss the “internet of things” (IOT) and “virtual reality” (VR); and we aren’t just talking about that stupid Pokémon GO.

Branndon Stewart – CEO of Outbound Engine will discuss the changing landscape of customer engagement through focused content, mobile delivery and predictive apps. The things in the movie “Minority Report” are not that far away.

Tom Markusic – Founder of Firefly Space Systems (building low earth orbit rockets) will discuss space commercialization and the role TX will play with major innovators locating here including Firefly, SpaceX and Blue Origin. Texas’ NASA roots are alive again and spawning “New Space”.