Ethics in Leadership

Carl Trovall, Ph.D.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Carl Trovall, Ph.D.
Dean of the
College of Liberal Arts
Concordia University Texas

Carl Trovall is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of Philosophy and History at Concordia University Texas. He has also served as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Laredo, TX, and campus pastor at Concordia University Texas and at the University of Texas.

Carl teaches a variety of courses at CTX including: Political Theory & Ideologies, The History of Mexico, and Introductory Honors courses. His professional interests include public theology and ethics, contemporary Christian ethics, Latino/a Studies, History of Mexico, Liberation Theology, Immigration, Relations of Church and Civil Society, Bioethics, and the Ethics of War and Peace. Having worked on the U.S.—Mexico border, he has been particularly interested in exploring what U. S. Latino/a theology might contribute to our broader public discourse in the United States on identity, ethnicity, and civic community.

His dissertation, An Analysis of the Political and Moral Implications of “Mestizaje’ for Michael Walzer’s Conception of Community in the United States, focused on the work of Fr. Virgilio Elizondo. In 2011, Liturgical Press published his essay, “Juan Diego: A Psychohistory of a Regenerative Man” in a collection entitled American Magnificat: Protestants on Mary of Guadalupe, edited by Maxwell E. Johnson. He was the recipient of the Martin J. Neeb Teaching Excellence Award in 2000 and 2009.

He and his wife, Carol, reside in Pflugerville, TX. They have two children.